Susan Rabinowicz

Board Member

Susan, a pediatric physical therapist, has worked for over 20 years with young children and families participating in the New York State Early Intervention Program. Susan is currently an adjunct faculty member for the St. Joseph’s College Program in Infant/Toddler Early Childhood Special Education M.A. She is a Knowledge Translation Practitioner and has presented her work on knowledge translation at several conferences. Dr. Rabinowicz is on the Advisory Council of the Long Island’s Leadership Initiative, Secretary for the Long Island Early Intervention Coordinating Council, and a board member of the New York State Association of Infant Mental Health. She is a co-director of the Suffolk County Infancy Leadership Circle, and a Pediatric Advocacy Liaison of the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Dr. Rabinowicz views child growth, development, and learning through a systems approach. A systems approach, in which the child and family are central and supported by an interprofessional workforce, policies, and communities

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