NYS-AIMH Membership

Gain access to the Infant Mental Health Endorsement, plus many additional benefits.


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NYS-AIMH Membership

Sign up five (5) annual individual memberships in NYS-AIMH, which includes all of the benefits of individual membership in NYS-AIMH


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Why Join NYS-AIMH?

NYS-AIMH aims to be the professional home for all those working with young children and their families. Join NYS-AIMH to help shape education and public awareness of the importance of Infant Mental Health in New York State, and to build your professional portfolio towards Endorsement. We encourage all professionals who work with 0-5 year olds and their families  to consider the NYS-AIMH their professional home. 

Become a member, join a committee, and get involved!



Benefits of membership

Members of New York State Association for Infant Mental Health will receive:

  • Reduced rates at sponsored conferences and workshops.  TBA
  • Connection to the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health a national consortium of statewide IMH organizations
  • Opportunity to participate in a professional organization of multidisciplinary colleagues
  • Access to the Infant Mental Health Endorsement 

*For a detailed look at the benefits of being a subscriber, an individual and an organizational member of NYS-AIMH, download a PDF of NYS-AIMH Benefits of Membership