NYS-AIMH Membership

Gain access to the Infant Mental Health Endorsement®, plus many additional benefits.


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NYS-AIMH Membership

Sign up five (5) individual memberships at a reduced rate, including all the benefits of NYS-AIMH membership!

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Why Join NYS-AIMH?

NYS-AIMH aims to be the professional home for all those working with young children and their families. Join NYS-AIMH to help shape education and public awareness of the importance of Infant Mental Health in New York State, and to build your professional portfolio towards Endorsement®. We encourage all professionals who work with 0-5 year-olds and their families to consider the NYS-AIMH their professional home.  Become a member, join a committee, and get involved!


During the fourth quarter of the year, we are offering a coupon for $20 off any future event for every new member (and the existing member who may have referred them). This coupon has no expiration date and can be used for workshops, seminars and all training offered by NYS-AIMH.  PLUS - if you join in October, November or December, your membership automatically extends to the next calendar year! Up to 15 months for price of 12!  Click the link to join today!


Benefits of membership

  • Access to the Infant Mental Health Endorsement®
  • Once you are registered for the Endorsement®, as a NYS-AIMH member, you will be able to start opening your "Portfolio". You will also receive:
    technical assistance on how to proceed with the Endorsement® process and
    access to resources for reflective supervision with certified supervisors
  • Calendar of and notices about upcoming training, education, and development workshops and seminars including but not limited to, those sponsored by NYS-AIMH and its partners.
  • Reduced rates at sponsored conferences and workshops.
  • Discounts on professional materials
  • Access to NYS-AIMH's library of resources and publications related to the field
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities through NYS-AIMH's member network
  • An opportunity to participate in a professional membership organization of multidisciplinary colleagues and choose people to lead the Association
  • An opportunity to apply to participate on one of NYS-AIMH's Committees and to stand for election to the leadership of the Association
  • Connection to the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health a national consortium of statewide IMH organizations