Snyder, Ashley

Society for the Protection and Care of Children

Ashley Snyder has worked for SPCC since 2018, and has been a bright light in the lives of so many children and families through her various roles. Ashley first role at the agency was as the clerk at the front desk of our visitation center. She helped children and grownups alike feel comfortable, secure, and cared about before and after visits. In her current role as the administrative assistant for the Mary Ellen Institute, our IECMH training and consultation program, Ashley\’s big heart, attentiveness, and collaborative spirit makes it possible for hundreds of professionals to get IECMH training, reflective supervision, and consultation each year. This impacts 1,000s of infants and young children in our community. She many never see the faces of those children, and they likely will never know her name but she is truly is a bright light in the lives of so many. SPCC\’s Mary Ellen Institute and the Rochester community are lucky to have Ashley as an IEMCH champion and partner!

Nominated by Sarah Fitzgibbons, Megan Smith, and the whole Mary Ellen Institute team/SPCC – 03/30/2021

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

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