Randazzo, Mr. Vincent

Superintendent/Island Park UFSD

Mr. Vincent Randazzo has been a positive force in the reopening of our school district during the pandemic. He has kept staff and student mental health at the forefront of his decision-making process and provided continual support throughout this difficult time. Mr. Randazzo has listened with compassion when any member of the staff or community has come to him with concerns and has gone above and beyond to make our schools a safe place for students to come learn in person every day. His student-first philosophy and focus on teaching and learning in the midst of a difficult year for schools has been a comfort to all who work and learn in the Island Park School District.

Nominated by Alison Offerman-Celentano/Assistant Superintendent/Island Park UFSD  03-18-2021

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

We welcome all organizations that share our mission of supporting the mental health of young children.

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