McGonigle, RobinAnn

Mindful Parenting Matters LLC 

 RobinAnn McGonigle is a professor of psychology at Adelphi University who created a number of courses which will enhance the field of children and families, especially those experiencing trauma. RobinAnn continues to believe educating mental health students in childhood and family trauma will provide a more stable mental health environment for these populations. Her goal is to ensure children are in environments which enhance their emotional development and create a life of emotional well-being. Furthermore, RobinAnn has built her mental health private practice around helping children, families, and people in various populations. She provides a great deal of mental health support, psychoeducation, as well as parenting programs to people in the community, in order to make a difference in their lives. A great deal of her work is done on a pro bono basis, as she has a passion for helping others and feels no one should be turned away due to lack of financial capabilities. Her desire to create an optimal environment for children at home, as well as school is evident in her parenting and educator programs. RobinAnn also focuses on helping children and families navigate the court system, which is challenging and detrimental to most families. Her goal is to make sure that all involved understand the mental health implications of being in the court system and to provide a safe haven for the children and families who must be part of a system which hinders emotional well-being for all involved.  

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