McGinnis, Megan

Speech Pathologist

Megan always goes out of her way to put children first, with a smile on her face, no matter how her day is going or what personal stress she is under. She has gone above and beyond being a speech pathologist to make sure that children and families have the mental health support, academic support, and physical resources they need. She establishes personal connections with each child she works with, and it is easy to see how each child benefits just from knowing her. There is nothing Megan wouldn\’t do to help a child. She accepts children as they are, while working with them to become the best versions of themselves. There is no doubt that she leaves lasting positive impacts on the lives of the children she works with – whether it be in person or remotely!

Nominated by Angela Harvey/Co-worker/Peer – 03/29/2021

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

We welcome all organizations that share our mission of supporting the mental health of young children.

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