Sigel, Laura

HealthySteps Specialist, CLC at Plattsburgh Primary Care Pediatrics

Laura is a phenomenal HealthySteps Specialist who goes (way) above and beyond her role on a daily basis. She is a huge asset to our community as she can coordinate people with ease, present up-to-date and current practices per NYS guidelines (across multiple agencies) and dovetail them with the AAP. She is an amazing support and resource to the children and families that she serves. Laura is a seasoned practitioner and her role in the community is vast. She is on multiple boards that are dedicated to advancing preventative care and practices in our region. She spends countless hours meeting with families and truly hearing what has happened in their lives – she recognizes that trauma is a real and toxic event that affects us all in some manner and she takes the time to listen, to hear, to validate and to support. She is an amazing advocate for children\’s preventative care and for adult support services. Her voice is one that all can hear in order to meet the needs of those who are too afraid or just too little to use their own. She is a bright light in the lives of so many families, children, agency providers, colleagues, and in the lives of her friends and family – Laura deserves to be recognized for her skill, her ability to connect others, her passion, her strive to balance life and work and for her dedication.

Nominated by Christy Bezrutczyk/ HealthySteps Specialist, CLC at Mountainview Pediatrics

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

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