Joy, Arlene

FSS HF Home Visitor

Arline’s passion in 2020 sparked creative action to meet family needs. She made zoom visits FUN!  Arline cooked meals with families, promoted hobbies, supported restructuring of family roles due to unemployment – and took lots of pictures!!! Arline made activity bags and as a 1-woman parade, drove from home to home.  Arline exclaimed how exciting it was to see her families outside waiting for her with smiles on their faces, jumping up and down upon her arrival! Arline delivered food boxes, diapers and formula to families unable to get necessities.  Arline embraces families first promoting happy and healthy families.  FAMILIES LOVE ARLINE!!!

Nominated by Margaret Gokey / HF Program Supervisor

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

We welcome all organizations that share our mission of supporting the mental health of young children.

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