Esther Piper

Board Member

Between 2000 and 2010, Esther worked for a Healthy Families Home Visiting Program administered by the University of Florida, rising to become the director. Upon moving to New York, Esther became the Director of Healthy Families New York of Clinton County, operated by Behavioral Health Services North in Plattsburgh. Since Esther coming on board, the program has received funding to expand into Franklin County and the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation. The program now serves over 100 families annually across a large portion of the Adirondack region. In addition to her work leading Healthy Families New York (HFNY) in her community, Esther is an active member of the Adirondack Birth to Three Alliance and its Steering Committee, which is working to improve a full range of supports and services that families need to raise healthy families. In 2019, after learning about NYS-AIMH and the Infant Mental Health Endorsement®, Esther worked to become endorsed and obtained the funding needed to support her entire staff in getting the Endorsement®.

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

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