Correa, Annmarie

Program Manager-Healthy Families

Annmarie Correa has worked at Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network for over 20 years and has been the Program Manager of Healthy Families NY program for 15 years. She currently manages the largest Healthy Families Program in NYS with a caseload of 420 families. The program provides free home based parenting to pregnant and parenting mothers based on an evidence based curriculum until the child is 5 years old. The program focuses on parenting, child development , prevention of child abuse and neglect and developing self sufficiency in the mothers. Annmarie manages a staff of 35 and is known as an intelligent , compassionate leader. Her experience with the program makes her an often sought out expert from other programs in the State. Annmarie continually produces excellent outcomes in her program including prenatal care and postpartum visit compliance, immunizations, lead screening and well child visits. She is committed to the early development of children and the strengthening of families and should definitely be considered a Bright Light !

Nominated by LuAnne Brown/CEO/Buffalo Prenatal Perinatal Network – 04/19/2021

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