Barna, Jessica

Parent Coach/ Power of Two 

I want to nominate Jessica Barna, she is a Parent Coach that I supervise at the Power of Two, Jessica currently works with foster and community families implementing the ABC Program (Attachment & Bio-Behavioral Catch Up) which is a program that helps Caregivers and their children have a better bond with each other. Jessica has made a difference in the lives of all the families she has worked with, she has shown Caregivers how to be more nurturing, follow a child\’s lead and how to avoid frightening behaviors. Jessica has been more than a Parent Coach to her families, she is that person that advocates for her Caregivers feel like their voices aren\’t heard, she is the support that her families need when they feel like they have no where to turn and is the light at the end of the tunnel for her families. The families that Jessica has worked with only have kind words to say about her, families have said that Jessica has made a change in their lives for the better and are grateful for that time they spent with Jessica — whether it was an in person or virtual session, Jessica has made a difference and a positive impact in her families lives! Jessica aims to be the best she can be in her role as a Parent Coach, she is the most caring, kind & loving person you will ever meet. Jessica honestly loves and enjoys the work she does, she always gives her families a 100%. I\’m honored to know Jessica, work closely with her but also call her my friend — Jessica is definitely a Bright Light in every child\’s life she has worked with… It is my pleasure to nominate Jessica Barna as a Bright Light!

Nominated by Lisa Carmona/Program Supervisor – Power of Two   05-11-2021

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