Workshop Recording: Claudia Gold


Workshop Recording Held on September 8 & 15, 2022 – 9 am – Noon
  • Babies are telling us who they are all the time – how can we get to know them?
  • Can we be playful – even in a setting without room for play?
  • Can we use curiosity and “not knowing” – even in a time that seems to demand certainty?

This 2-part workshop with renowned Pediatrician, IMH practitioner, teacher, and author, Claudia Gold, MD, is for all who work with or on behalf of babies and young children! Whether you provide day care or healthcare; home visiting or early intervention; psychotherapy or child welfare, Dr. Gold will offer information and insights from her research and clinical practice that will strengthen and inspire your work!

NYS-AIMH presents Claudia Gold MD

Getting to Know You

Parents, Infants, and the People Who Support Them/Building Relationships
Even in Times of Chaos and Discord

Dr. Gold will share essential stepping stones for helping parents and practitioners get to know the babies in their care, including:

  • Framing Theoretical Concepts of Infant Mental Health
  • Framework for the Art of Listening

Dr. Gold will instruct us on these frameworks, and then apply them to real-world case scenarios. Using real stories and video examples of parent-child interviews, we will see how to translate concepts into practice, and “learn from parents who are learning from their children.” And, as participants, you will have opportunities to work in small practice groups to apply these IMH concepts using case examples from your own work!

“Claudia Gold has taught me the importance of creating a safe and welcoming place for families in crisis. I promise that spending any time with Dr. Gold is invaluable for cultivating the art of listening to families and will leave you yearning for more time with her. “

Dina Spiropoulos, MD, FAAP / NYS-AIMH Board Member

“For anyone who works with infant-parent dyads and has the opportunity to attend a presentation by Claudia Gold, it is a must. Her knowledge, experiences and collaborations with leaders in the Infant-Parent Mental Health field give her a unique perspective that can only add to one’s understanding of the inherent complexities of dyadic work that we may not fully be aware of.”

Richard Honigman MD, FAAP / NYS-AIMH Board Member

Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

We welcome all organizations that share our mission of supporting the mental health of young children.

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