What is the NYS-AIMH Endorsement?

Endorsement is a credentialing system that supports and recognizes the knowledge and ability of professionals who work with or on behalf of infants and young children up to age five and their families.  This process uses a nationally recognized set of standards and competencies that define best practice and guide professional development across disciplines.

The intent of the NYS-AIMH Endorsement is to recognize and document the development of infant and family professionals within an organized system of culturally sensitive, relationship-based, Infant Mental Health learning and work experiences.

Endorsement by NYS-AIMH verifies that an applicant has attained the level of education required, participated in specialized continuing education and in-service trainings, engaged in professional work related to infants and toddlers, obtained reflective supervision/consultation from mentors or supervisors, and acquired knowledge to promote the delivery of high quality, culturally sensitive, relationship-based services to infants, toddlers, families and other caregivers.

Benefits of the Endorsement

Recognition of NYS-AIMH Endorsement tells employers, parents, health and legal practitioners, and insurance providers that the endorsed professional has expertise related to the social and emotional development of infants and young children and families.


Please note: The materials supporting the NYS-AIMH Competency Guidelines are copyrighted by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health (MI-AIMH). NYS-AIMH is able to make these materials available to our membership and collaborators through a licensing agreement with the MI-AIMH.

Copyright law does allow individuals to print out or make ONE copy of copyrighted material for personal, non-commercial purposes only. None of the copyrighted Endorsement® documents included here may be reproduced, displayed, distributed, or otherwise used in any format, including electronically, without the express written consent of MI-AIMH. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright. 

If you are interested in purchasing a printed version of the competencies you may do so here, for a minimal payment of $20.


The Endorsement creates a foundation which improves personal and professional job performance and satisfaction, resulting in better and more targeted services to families and children. It improves long term professional opportunities, professional status, and advancement potential