IECMH Track 3

Track 3: ­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________________________________________

Monthly Small Group IECMH Reflective Supervision Practice Consultations – for 1 Year!

Track 3 is for Supervisors, Coaches, and Administrators who are committed to developing and sharing their Reflective Practice in a small (no more than six), intimate, and committed group of professionals, facilitated and guided by a dedicated, NYS-AIMH Endorsed® Mentor-Clinical professional, or someone who has earned NYS-AIMH approval as a Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC) provider. These groups will serve to meet the RS/C requirements for The NYS-AIMH Endorsement®

PREREQUISITES: Completion of Track 2*

Submission of an Application to Participate

This is a wonderful opportunity for those ready to commit to monthly, 2-Hour meetings with their small group “team,” to share their work – celebrate successes, get help with challenges, -and hear others share their work; and to have their experiences held by a skilled facilitator. __________________________________________________________________________

ALL Tracks will be offered in Zoom.

 * Track 3 is open to anyone who has completed the 2-Day NYS-AIMH IECMH Basics course

since we began offering it in December, 2019!

Click here to register for TRACK 3

After you register for Track 3 you will receive an automatic email with the application to be completed for track 3. Please fill out the application and submit to be added to a RS/C Group. For further information please contact us at with questions.


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