Inside Intimate Partner Violence: Meanings, Mechanisms, Impact, and Repair for Early Childhood Witnesses, Survivor Caregivers and Abusive Partners

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Date(s) - January 25
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About the Program
This program will examine Intimate Partner Violence from multiple perspectives: the mechanics of IPV; risk factors and statistical prevalence; theory and research regarding the impact of IPV-trauma on early childhood, parenting, and the parent-child relationship; risks and resilience in intergenerational transmission; the role of IPV as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE); and key elements of therapeutic interventions for survivor caregivers and young children. Importantly, this program will additionally address the role of the abusive partner in terms of typologies, the impact of historical and personal trauma, and the state of current therapeutic interventions. Learn More >>
About the Instructor
Erica Willheim, Ph.D., is Research Assistant Professor at the Child Study Center in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, an instructor on the faculty of the Institute for Parenting at Adelphi University, and a nationally endorsed trainer in Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Dr. Willheim’s clinical and research areas of focus are early childhood mental health and trauma, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in parents and young children, the intergenerational transmission of trauma, the specific impact of domestic violence exposure on young children and caregivers, abusive partner group interventions, and CPP with offending fathers. She has over 20 years’ experience working in a broad range of NYC settings with high-risk young children, adolescents, adults, and families, particularly those involved in the criminal justice and child welfare systems who have suffered violent trauma exposure. Dr. Willheim has trained and supervised clinicians in CPP since 2009 and authored “Dyadic Psychotherapy with Infants and Young Children: Child-Parent Psychotherapy” in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America, and co-authored “The Effects of Violent Experience on Infants and Young Children”, in C.H. Zeanah (Ed.), Handbook of Infant Mental Health—4th Edition (in press).

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