Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Basics Course – NYC

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Date(s) - February 21 - February 22
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The New York State Association for Infant Mental Health is proud to announce….

The Two-Day Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) Basics Course

It’s time to all get on the same page!  NYS-AIMH is very excited to develop and offer a Two-Day IECMH Basics course in locations across New York State.


Locations and dates so far!

Locations and dates for 2020
Schenectady January 16 & 17, 2020
NYC (at NYU) February 21 & 22, 2020
Long Island February 24 & 25, 2020
Orchard Park March 26 & 27, 2020
Utica April 14 & 15 , 2020
Jamestown June 18 & 19, 2020


 The training on Feb 21st in NYC starts at 9am and will run till 4pm. We are requesting that you be there at 8:30 so that you may sign in and we may begin at 9am sharp! On Feb 22  we will begin at 9 am and will be done at 12 pm (for 1.5 day training) or 4pm (for the full 2 day training). The location is  NYU Barney Building 34 Stuyvesant St., New York, New York 10003   6th floor room 600

The First Day and a Half is devoted to all who work with young children and their families.

We will explore what we mean when we say Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health, where IECMH came from, and where it is going!

We’ll take a good look at what we know about infant development.  Including brain development – and what infants and young children need for optimal social-emotional development!

We’ll explore the power of relationship.  Between very young children and their caregivers, and between caregivers and the community of practitioners that supports them!  We’ll take a closer look at attachment:  How it is developed, and its lifelong impact.

We’ll look at best practices in IECMH, and the IMH Endorsement.  How we can strengthen our knowledge and understanding, and build our practices and programs so that infants and very young children in New York State have the nurturing and confident support they need!

We’ll look at the way trauma can influence outcomes – for children and families, and for us.  And how essential it is that we have the support we need to reflect on our work, and the ways family trauma can affect us!

What IECMH practice means for practitioners.  We’ll explore the power of Protective Factors, and our role in building them – no matter what our role! 

 The Afternoon of Day Two is devoted to those who serve as coaches, consultants, supervisors, or administrators

We’ll explore ways we can build resilience.  Our own, and of those we support – as well as the resilience that builds stronger communities.

We’ll explore ways we can all strengthen and transform our work and programs.  When we turn our programs into Infant Mental Health-informed programs!  What is your Next First Step?

 The “Four Weeks Out” call.

A group call for coaches, consultants, supervisors, and administrators.  To share progress on our Next First Steps.  We’ll come together virtually, via Zoom, to discuss successes and challenges, and what we need to continue to grow as Infant Mental Health-informed practitioners and programs.

This is a competency-based training event, and will address:

  1. IECMH: What it is, contexts in which it is relevant, its history, and potential future.
  2. The baby’s brain, and cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development – prenatal through 1st 5 years. The impact of physical, emotional, and social environments – positive and negative.
  3. Attachment: Early interactions between a caregiver and a child are absolutely critical to development – even life-saving – and set the stage for relationships throughout life.
  4. How does IECMH-informed practice connect to me? Self-awareness; vicarious trauma; conscious use of our relationships; reflective practice.
  5. Professional development: The landscape of IECMH Best Practices and the NYS-AIMH Endorsement
  6. The potent impact of IECMH-informed principles and practice: on children and families, on our sense of effectiveness, and the structure and dynamics of our practices and programs, and on our communities.

The NYS-AIMH Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Basics Course is perfect for:

  • Individuals in any profession seeking to strengthen their understanding of Infant Mental Health and the role all relationships play.
  • Organizations and teams that want to have policies and practices that contribute most effectively to children’s social-emotional development.
  • Communities that want to come together to create an environment that nurtures children – and promotes the future of the community!


Supervisors & Administrators:
2 full days + f/u consultation and networking call
Staff & Others: 
1.5 days
Early Bird:
up to 1 month before event
NYS-AIMH members
Student members
Regular registration:
1 month or less before event
NYS-AIMH members
Student members



Become a NYS-AIMH Member, and start saving now! 

Please plan to join us for these very special events, beginning in December, 2019.  Come explore Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and see just how essential your work is for children and families, and for you and your community – no matter what role you play!

Keep watching for more information, and additional dates and locations, coming soon!


Or, let us know if you’d like to bring the course directly to your organization.  Please contact us if you’d like to host an IECMH Basics Course. 

Change your practice; change your program; change your community!



Organizational NYS-AIMH Members

We welcome all organizations that share our mission of supporting the mental health of young children.

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