Steps to Endorsement


  1. Become a Member of NYS-AIMH -please see membership information   under Get Involved
  2. We have prepared the following materials to assist you in getting ready to apply for the Endorsement.Please view the following links prior to the application process.Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)Which Endorsement Category is right for you? (PDF)Begin to Review Competency Guidelines (PDF)Self Assessment for all categories  (PDF)Resources for Exam preparation for categories IMHM and IMHS  (PDF)Please watch these webinars for further information
  3. Register for the endorsement- Please see Endorsement-Apply for Endorsement Non-refundable registration fees are: -$15 for Infant Family Associate & Infant Family Specialist-$25 for Infant Mental Health Specialist & Infant Mental Health Mentor
  4. You will be connected to an Adviser to help guide you through the process
  5. Fill out your portfolio and submit it by the deadline- pay your non-refundable processing fee.There is no deadline for submitting portfolios for Infant Family Associate & Infant Family Specialist. These are accepted on an on-going basis.Because of the exam requirement, there is a deadline for submitting portfolios for Infant Mental Health Specialist & Infant Mental Health Mentor. The exam is typically offered in the spring and fall, with portfolios due accordingly.
    Processing fees

    • Infant Family Associate - $ 25
    • Infant Family Specialist - $ 100
    • Infant Mental Health Specialist - $ 300
    • Infant Mental Health Mentor - $400

    Applicants at all categories are encouraged to inquire about special arrangements if the cost of Endorsement is a barrier. Please note that these fees and policies will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change.

  6. For Infant Mental Health Specialist and Clinical, Policy and Research Mentors, once your portfolio is approved, you will be notified regarding your eligibility to sit for the Endorsement exam.

Additional Resources

Reference Rating Category IFA  

Reference Rating Category IFS

Reference Rating Category IMHS

Reference Rating Category IMHM-C 

Reference Rating Category IMHM-P 

Reference Rating Category IMHM-RF  

Please note: These rating scales were developed by MI-AIMH and are used by NYS-AIMH and other associations.

Endorsement Portfolio Checklist

What to know About the Endorsement Exam_


Portfolio Submission deadline (IMHM and IMHS) : January 17, 2020
Portfolio Submission deadline (IMHM and IMHS): July 24, 2020
Exam date: October 2, 2020 IFS and IFA portfolios can be submitted on a rolling basis