How can we meet these needs in the current state of things?

Websites worth exploring:

Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health

Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health

Telehealth Service in Infant Mental Health

Trauma Therapist: Interview with Bruce Perry, MD, PhD: Staying Emotionally Close in the Time of Covid-19

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Helping Children with Traumatic Separation or Traumatic Grief Related to Covid-19

Supporting Children During Coronavirus (Covid19)

Early Intervention Guidance Memo

Head Start – Supporting Children and Families

Working in a Virtual World:

Class Dojo – a platform for online teaching

Guidelines for Beginning and Maintaining a Reflective Supervision/Consultation Relationship via Distance Technology

Tele Health/Tele play

Creative ideas:

  • Breathe in arms open then in. Animal breaths. Chi gong. Mirroring each other.
  • Intuitive drawing to classical music
  • Mirroring movements to music
  • Draw your feeling as a cartoon character . Tell the story of this feeling
  • Solution Circles (adapted): Draw fear. Circle it. Draw or write fears in small circle. Draw a bigger circle around. Draw or write what you can control and who/what can help you at this time in the big circle. Screen share “What I can/can’t control” for ideas
  • Rock Problems/Playdoh Problems
  • Tree of life
  • Show me your favorite stuffies. Introduce them to mine. They want to play and talk!
  • Stuffy role-play (parts work, gestalt, parent-child conflicts)
  • Draw your worry: give it a shape, a name. Then give it to the parent. “This is for the adults to hold”
  • Pick 3 Feelings from Kimochi chart

Videos to Screen Share

Bing Bong and Sadness
Uses: Teach parents the power of Staylistening, help kids explore sadness and empathy

Guess How She’s Feeling

Guessing emotions (4-6)

Sadness over loss Inside Out

Dancing it out to different emotions (4+)

Anger (5+)

What causes anxiety and depression

Don’t flip yo’ lid

How mindfulness empowers us

Belly breathe with Elmo

Sesame Street relax

Many Videos

Gremlin girl


Therapy Resources


Other Helpful Resources

SPCC IECMH Childcare Reopening Best Practice Recomendations

Telehealth Services in Infant Mental Health Home Visiting

Therapeutic activities master list- activities that work over the phone

Resilience and Trauma-Informed Care Tools for Educators and Schools