COVID-19 Resources for Families

Children’s Institute knows that children’s social emotional health is greatly impacted by times of anxiety and the recent news about COVID-19. Following are resources on how to share information such as this with young children as well as other useful topics to help children and their families navigate through the current situation.

NYS Education Department/The University of the State of New York
Resources for Mental Health and Talking to Young People About COVID-19

New York City Department of Education - Early Childhood: Learn at Home

New York State Parent Portal: Covid-19 Resources for Parents
Parenting tips, activities and information on how to talk to your children about the Coronavirus.

The NYS Office of Children and Family Services: resources for child care providers and families.

The Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy: Resources 

7 Ways to Support Kids and Teens through the Coronavirus Pandemic

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents experiences stresses over Covid-19

Book List with YouTube links for families

Some Ways that Parents and Caregivers can share connection, comfort and care with their children right now (infograph)

Grim Times and Health Insurance: Maintaining Coverage During the Pandemic

Books to Help with Kids going back to school  (social books)  kip-goes-back-to-school       reggie-is-going-back-to-school